I dislike Trollblood Champions

Brian was over last night and we had a game of Hordes. He was using Grissel and I was trying Krueger. We had played a few days earlier so I wanted to do something other than play the same Kaya army I had used the night before.

Now the game had two major turning points. The first was his Champions taking three Forked Lightning spells and then a charge from my Ravagers and still staying in the game.

The second was my continued, and baffling, inability to remember to use my Feat.

Despite this the game turned out to be a lot closer than I thought it would. Kreuger was able to put a serious beat on Grissel but she transferred the bulk of it and then shot Krueger.

The real star of the game for Brian, aside from his Champions, was his Pyre Troll which ignited four of my units, including Kreuger, in one shot and was responsible for almost killing Kreuger due to the continued effect of Fire.




  1. Zac, also don’t forget that:

    1) They were under the effect of the Krielstone, so were ARM19

    2) I made something like 4/5 tough rolls with the Champs.

    But yeah, they’re tough as nails, and can really hit things hard, particularly when Grissel had put Calamity on your Ravagers as well.

    But the Pyre Troll did great work setting Fire to Krueger, one Standing Stone, and two Woldwardens. Your inability to roll a 1 or 2 when you needed it coupled with my AMAZING dice rolls for most of the battle meant Krueger was in trouble.

    But yes, I was suprised when he walked over and hit Grissel pretty hard. Skyborne is a useful spell for assassination runs alright!

    Great game.

  2. I’ve always had a problem with Champions. They have a ton of wounds and are tough as nails. They always seem to take more damage than I expect them to.

    Next time I am going to target the Krielstone Bearer first :-)

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