GW Chaos Black spray warning

If you, like me, have been using GW Chaos Black spray as a primer you may want to avoid the new cans of the paint that GW has released.

The paint appears to be much thicker than it was previously and it is not really very useful as a primer any more.

Update: I was talking to Pawel on Thursday and it appears that the problem isn’t simply 6mm scale minis as well. Pawel had to remove a strip of primer from his Thagrosh figure as the primer had filled in the detail on the weapon.

I think that the primer has officially become too thick for anything. Anyone know of a good source for black automative primer in Vancouver?



  1. I’d be very surprised if you can’t find some at Canadian Tire (6th and Cambie). I know that there was some sort of automotive store 1-2 blocks south of Broadway, somewhere between Main and Oak (not too specific, I know, but I can’t quite remember). There’s also the Hobby Store just off Broadway and MacDonald.

    I’m going to be checking the Hobby Store at some point soon, since if you and Pawel both found this, I’m not taking any chances with my *incredibly* high quality models. ;-)

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