Epic clash

Well it wasn’t “epic” so much as Epic but I finally got an opportunity to pull out my newly acquired Epic Guard force and play a game against Pawel’s Orc.

Since its been an age since Pawel, and I, have had a chance to play Epic we started with a small, 2000 point, game. Which meant that we had a few core formations but I really lacked any punch in my Guard force.

And that punch got whittled away quickly when Pawel blew up my Baneblade with  a critical hit.

I’m sure that we forgot a few rules but it was fun to play the game again and it was a nice reminder of how  much fun the game is. I’m hoping to have a 2500 or 3000 point game next week and Zach is working on picking up an army as well so maybe we can get the old weekly Epic game up and running again.