Epic Necrons

So I have assembled the beginnings of an Epic Necron army. I am using miniatures from the DRM range for most of the infantry and I will have to convert some figs and perhaps even build some from scratch.

So far I have:

  • 24 stands of Warrriors
  • 8 stands of Immortals
  • 7 stands of Pariahs

I have some DRM Pax Arcadia Scouts that I am going to use for Flayed Ones. They have these long cloaks that can be painted to look like the suits os skin that the Flayed Ones wear. All I need to do is snip off the small weapon barrels on the minis and they should work fine.

There are a few things I need to convert. The Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers are going to be made from some DRM figs and 40K Necron Scarabs. The Scarabs will also serve as the basis for some Tomb Spiders.

I am probably going to have to make Wraiths and either buy some scratch built Monoliths or make my own. I also have a plan to make some Epic scale Obelisks from square Epic bases, some Rhino parts and some crystals.

Its going to be a long term project to say the least.