AI painting almost done

Well the first round of it is.  I am almost finished the Chaos aircraft (4 Hell Blades and 9 Hell Talons) and once those are done I will be done the aircraft I need for the demos on September 15th.

Actually I have more than I need but I figured it was easier to paint up a whole pile of aircraft at one time.

So far I have


  • 4 Fighta Bommas
  • 9 Fightas


  • 4 Tigersharks
  • 9 Barracudas


  • 4 Hell Blades
  • 9 Hell Talons

2 of the Tigersharks and 4 of the Barracudas are for Thor, the fellow running the tournament, but I have two more Tigersharks, 2 AX-10s and four more Barracudas that I am going to paint.

As well I have some of the new Ork Bommas on their way and a stupid number of Imperial aircraft to paint.  Somehow I managed to collect eleven Lighting fighters. There are also some Ork Flak Guns, Imperial Hydras, Sabres and heavy AA guns as well as some Tau Skyrays to paint.

And by the time I finish those Forge World will have invariably come out with some more planes.