Aeronautica Imperialis photos

Ork Fighta Bommas

I finally took some time to take photos of all of my painted Aeronautica Imperialis aircraft. I’ve posted them all on Flickr in a single set to make them easy to access. There are 14 shots of the Chaos, Ork and Tau aircraft that I have painted. The six grey Tau aircraft are actually painted for Thor and the West Coast Mayhem AI demo table.

Now I just have to finish painting some more terrain.



  1. Wow, you have been busy! Those look very nice. Pity that Forgeworld was so difficult to deal with (as in actually getting a hold of them, sounds like they were good once on the phone)

  2. The issue is that they need to communicate and at least add an auto-reply message that says “Hi we got your email and we’re always really busy so it will take up to two weeks for us to get baack. If its an emergency then call us”

    Would have stopped me freaking out about the order.

    No problem getting replacements from them though so in the end it worked out just fine.

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