Well not the first game I’ve played but the first with the new CBT Starter Set as well as the first game I have played in close to ten years.

Zach, Ryan, Carmin and I got together to play a quick game with one lance each of a mix of light and medium mechs. To keep it simple while we learned the rules we played using the map sheets that came with the starter set.

I was assuming when I started looking into the game that I would eventually transition to using miniature terrain but after playing tonight I am actually thinking that for most games I might actually stick with the mapsheets.

While I like the dimensionality of actual miniature terrain the mapsheets are far more complex than miniature terrain tends to be. As well the mapsheets also have things like island systems, drop pod landing sites and other terrain items that would be incredibly difficult to build.

Given that almost none of us had a full grasp of the rules the game went fairly well. It is a lot more difficult to hit in this game than it is in similar games. The movement of the target is a factor as well as terrain and firing mech movement so quite often you need to roll 9 or 10 on 2D6 to hit a target. Once you get a weapon to hit damage can be high and internal damage can be devastating for weapons with ammo bins… both of the mechs that got destroyed tonight were taken out by exploding SRM ammo.

There was quite a high random factor in the game. One of Zach’s mechs shut down because of heat and my Jenner seemed to live a charmed life for several turns with weapon fire blazing around it to miss almost all the time.

What is interesting is that the game pretty much lived up to my memories of playing it when I was younger. This was a bit unusual in that a lot of games that I played when I was younger don’t tend to fare well when I play them again. So this was a pleasant surprise.