Forge World Ork Bommer

I received my two Ork Bommers in the mail yesterday and I took a few moments to assembled the Blasta Bommer. Here a a few quick pictures:

Blasta and Fighta Bomma Blasta side Blasta botttom
Click to enlarge

The detail is phenomenal as usual. And someone at Forge World appears to be listening as this was very simple to assemble. One feature that I didn’t notice before is that the sides of the plane have open gun ports that you add guns to. Its a very nice touch and very Orky.


2 thoughts on “Forge World Ork Bommer

  1. Amazing detail all right. Can one actually paint it at all, or is it more trouble than it’s worth? I’m enjoying more and more models that don’t need tons of detail, but instead are all about the pose or subject matter (esp. superheroes)

  2. It depends on how you paint them. The detail is big enough that you can pick it out if you want and my technique for painting the Ork aircraft involves lots of drybrushing and washes so the detail pops right out

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