While Tim and Jeff were mangling each other at AT-43, Ryan and I played a quick game of BattleTech. The “scenario” I created for the game had two Marik Assault mechs detached from the rest of their lance and being pounced on by a Davion Fire Lance. I played the Davion force and Ryan took the Awesome and the Guillotine.

Turn 2: Commando explodes after getting creamed by two PPCs and having its SRM ammo explode.

Things went well for a few turns after that and I was starting to eat through the Guillotine’s armour but my Assassin went down after having its leg kicked away by the Awesome and it stopped trying to get up after destroying its right arm. The turn after that the Awesome and Guillotine destroyed my Rifleman.

A fun game though. We got to figure out what happens when you kick a prone mech (it wasn’t mine!) and it was a good quick game. Much fun.