More BattleTech madness

Brian was over last night to check out BattleTech. We had a small game with two mechs each. I had a Panther and a Jenner, showing my fondness for Kurita mechs, and Brian was using a Command and Assassin.

One of the things I like about BattleTech, and in this it is similar to games like Hordes, is that there appears to be no such thing as a “sure thing” in the game. You can miss at close range with all your weapons and the side that appears to be winning can quickly be reduced to scrap with a few good, or bad, rolls.

Brian did pretty well and was having good luck with his Assassin. In contrast to my Panther which only managed to hit with its PPC once in the entire game. Brian managed to strip almost all the armour off my Jenner and was in danger of crippling it. He had already taken out a shoulder actuator and a medium laser. In response I went on a kicking spree with the Jenner and actually ended up kicking off the Assassin’s leg and knocking it prone. The next turn the Jenner was able to stay adjacent and shoot at the prone Assassin and managed to get an ammo critical that blew it up.

So we went from an apparent easy win for Brian to him losing a mech in two turns.

Great fun. Well for me… I’m not sure how Brian feel about it ;-)



  1. I agree, it was great fun. :-)

    Didn’t bother me about losing, as I never felt like it was at all a sure thing. Your Jenner was doing a great job of being a nuisance and going for the backstrikes on my mechs.

    I wonder, in hindsight, if I should have strung my mechs out with the Commando leading, and tried to catch your Jenner in-between them (ie. going for backstrikes on the Commando) with the weaponry of the Assassin.

    Great fun, I’d love to play again sometime.

  2. You could have tried to keep at a distance and just whittle down one of my mechs with your LRMs. Trying to keep that Jenner out of your back arc is pretty tough though considering the speed of it.

  3. I suppose so, yes. But if I had won the initiative, then it’s easy to always have one mech that can shoot that Jenner. And standing back and trying to snipe doesn’t work well when you have that particle cannon shooting at you. :-)

    Regardless, I’m pretty interested in trying out the game again sometime, so thanks for running me through the rules!

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