Davion paint scheme change

While digging around on the Camspecs website I came across a Davion Capellan March Militia paint scheme that I am going to use for a few lances of mechs.

I was going to use the modified Deneb Light Cavalry camo scheme for the rest of the Davion mechs but I like this too much not to use it. So the remaining three “character” mechs for the Sword and Dragon campaign will be done in that modified camo scheme but I am going to do the rest of the Davion mechs as the Capellan March Militia. Yes, I know it really should be the Draconis March Militia but they are all deep red and the idea of having flat red mechs fight dark red mechs is visually unappealing :-)

I am going to do the same with the rest of the Kurita mechs as well. The non character mechs for the campaign will be painted in camo schemes and will be from one of the Dieron regulars units.