Kurita mechs done

So the last round of Kurita mechs got finished last night. So that is the


all ready and waiting decals. Still no word from Fighting Pirahnna Graphics about my decal shipment which has now been processing for close to 40 days.

These Kurita mechs were done is a camo pattern to help differentiate them from the 5th Sword of Light figures. Once I get the decals added I’ll take some photos and post them.



  1. 40 days? You’re more patient than me, I would have mailed them a giant box of dog poop by now. That’s ridiculous!

  2. Lets just say that complaints will be made once I have my decals.

    Doc has an ALPS printer so I will be doing a test page with him and if it works will be doing any future decals with him

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