More maps

I finally got in a series of auction items that I had been waiting for. All BattleTech goodies including 31 new mapsheets and two old Warhammer minis.

It took a long time to show up and part of the problem appears to be that the parcel was stuck in Customs for 12 days. I can’t imagine why since when it got to me there was no duty owing. It must have been sitting in a bin somewhere waiting for some Customs official to flick a switch a send it along to Canada Post. Who then delivered it in a single day.

I really hate Customs. Pointless and excessive delays for no purpose.

My recent pictures of my painted Marik ‘Mechs have made me aware that I have two of the three companies of a full battalion of ‘Mechs. So there may be another 12 painted Fusilier ‘Mechs in my future.

I have another trade that is still in transit (probably sitting at Customs as well) that will have more than enough mechs to finish the entire battalion off. The parcel has 46 mechs, including some Clan mechs, that will fill out my Marik force, the rest of the ‘Mechs for the Sword and Dragon campaign as well as the start of a decent Liao force.