Hordes tonight

Brian is coming over tonight and I have assembled a unit of Tharn Bloodtrackers as well as three Woldwyrds to use in a game of Hordes.

Its been some time since I sat down and played the game so hopefully I won’t embarrass myself. Since I wanted to try out as much new stuff as possible we’re playing a 750 point game and this will also mark the first time I’ve played Hordes at that level.

Once I have finished painting the Battletech ‘Mechs for the Sword and Dragon campaign I am going to sit down and start finishing up some of my Hordes Circle army. I’ve let it sit for too long and I now have far, far more unpainted figs than I do painted miniatures.

The army I am using tonight is

  • Balder
  • 2 x Woldwyrd
  • Wold Watcher
  • Wold Warden
  • 6 x Tharn Ravagers
  • 10 x Tharn Bloodtrackers
  • 6 x Druids
  • Shifting Stones
  • Lord of the Feast
  • Alten
  • Swamp Gobber team

The idea is to use the Woldwyrds to attack his Warlock (or keep it at a distance) and then use the Tharn troops to take out his troops and then isolate the Warlock and kill it with my Wold Watcher.

Lets see if that plan actually works :-)



  1. Great game last night! A few things that have occured to me:

    1) Why weren’t your Woldwyrds shooting the whole game? Even on the last turn, they were close enough to at least take a few pot-shots at stuff

    2) Their Arcane suppression is very annoying! Hoarluk didn’t cast anything on the last turn because of it!!!

    3) The Lord of the Feast and the Shifting Stones turned out to be too slow as flankers, I wonder if they would be better suited to just throwing them down the middle?

    4) You used your Swamp Gobbers more aggressively than I did. I tend to use them solely to block off charge lanes and LOS from shooting, whereas you seem to aim to drop their cloud onto things that might counterattacking for the -2 to attack rolls. I may have to try that way.

    Great game though! Those Bloodtrackers were absolutely devestating! If only the male tharn had lived up to it as well (they definitely seemed to whiff a fair number of rolls)

  2. The Lord of the Feast and the Shifting Stones turned out to be too slow as flankers,

    I screwed that up. They would have worked much better if I hadn’t messed the movement up

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