Brian was over last night for a probably grossly ahistorical game of BattleTech pitting a lance of Marik Fusiliers of Oriente against elements of the Fifth Sword of Light.

Not a bad game except for Brian’s uncanny ability to do head shots with the AC20 on the Hunchback. He took out an Awesome and a Guillotine with it.

Someone on the CBT Forum recently described MRMs as “sandpaper” and I ran into a similar situation trying to approach a Longbow. It hit my Wolverine with all of its LRMs on two consecutive rounds blasting the armour off of almost every area of the ‘Mech.

Oddly enough not on the Left Torso though.


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  1. Those headshots were just nuts.

    I still maintain that you were playing the game much smarter, and it was just my incredibly lucky dice that made it interesting. I think otherwise that Wolverine would have gotten pounded, since I couldn’t keep you guys far enough away from it to let it do it’s work (though hitting with 20 LRMs out of his first volley of 20 sure helped)

    Looking forward to playing it again!

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