My torso! My precious torso!

Well after a fairly long gaming hiatus I had a chance to bring out the BattleTech figures last night for a game. Pawel came over and we reused the lances from the my last game with Brian. The evening was defined by the Hunchback taking out two Marik Assault ‘Mechs with headshots from his AC20. So this evening I had the Marik lance again and made sure I took out the Hunchback at the first opportunity.

In what I think was a perfect illustration of the fun and detail of BattleTech I destroyed the Hunchback by punching through its rear left torso armour and causing an ammo explosion in both of its AC20 ammo slots. 200 points of damage later…

Not that my luck was any better. Pawel got a head shot in on my Awesome and the critical took out the cockpit and then his Jenner kicked the leg off of my Spider by getting a critical and rolling a 12 to determine the number of critical hits. Off went the leg.

So in a single turn we had a dramatic reversal of fortune as I lost an Assault ‘Mech and had a Light ‘Mech crippled in the course of a few dice rolls.

Great fun