Damage resolution

So work begins again on the Weird War rules I started some months ago. I’m actually trying to keep the core rules fairly generic as I want to use them for a sci-fi ruleset after I get the Weird War rules running.

One issue that I am pondering is damage resolution. Basically I want there to be some random element but I also want to have a system where it is sometimes next to impossible for a weapon to penetrate some types of armour. One of the things I dislike about some rule sets is that it is often possible to take out heavily armoured units with very weak weapons. This is especially frustrating in a sci-fi game.

The initial thought was to simply compare weapon damage to armour and if damage exceeded armour the shot damaged the target. This seems a little dull to me. The second idea was to use the “10 target” rule that I am trying to use in the system so that you subtracted the armour from the damage and rolled a dice and if the result was over 10 then you penetrated.

My concern is that this will bog down in gameplay. Something that necessitated the rewrite of the rules in the first place.

So given a D10, an armour value and a damage value what are some quick and simple ways to add a random element to the process?



  1. You could try the Hell Doradoro damage resolution in reverse.

    D10 + Damage – ARM = Table Result.

    So instead of having a table of what one can dish out, it will be a table of how much one takes.

    Here’s an example table. The first one is a high arm model the second ne is a low arm model.

    Difference/Damage Taken
    Difference/Damage Taken

    Just something off the top of my head so I’m sure there’s something that could be tweaked with it.

  2. I’m thinking of perhaps taking a page from Songs of Blades and Heroes and having the damage plus a die roll be compared to the armour and then

    less than: No effect
    Equal to less than twice: Stun
    Twice or less than three times: Kill
    Three times or more: Gruesome Kill

    In addition rolling a 1 would move the result down a step and rolling a ten would move it up a step.

    The idea is to allow the possibility that a weaker weapon can do some minor damage to a heavily armoured units without making that terribly likely to happen.

    Hopefully this sort of thing would scale easily if the game has a few figs in it

  3. Sounds good to me. I’m always interested in different game mechanics. I’m a rulebook collector of sorts. Like to buy the rules but rarely by the games.

  4. Have you given any thought to opposed die rolls with different types of die?

    If you give a weapon a penetration value of say a d6 and armour ratings could range from d3 for light up to d20 for very heavy. Then you can define the results as pen less that armour roll = no effect
    pen = armour roll stun
    Pen > armour roll kill

    You can modle range effects by adding modifiers to the armour die or even changing the die type.

    The great thing with opposed die type resoultion is that it keep both players involved and the results are easy to see.

  5. IInteresting idea but I want to avoid different dice. I have played systems that use increasing or decreasing dice and it is a fun and cool system but I want to allow people to remember a few core rules and then focus on the game itself and while neat changing dice makes people have to recall the rules a lot more than I want.

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