So after some thinking I have decided to paint my mass of Terminators as a Deathwing force. Originally I was going to paint them to match the vehicles that I have already painted but I think that it would be easier to strip the figures I have and do a Deathwing army. I like the look, I like the background and I actually don’t like the colour of the existing Marines.

Now, before anyone points out that I have far more figures to paint than I know what to do with, this is a long term plan and I also and going to investigate drybrushing most of the miniatures instead of doing traditional painting methods.

Most of the Terminators are assembled now and packed away until such time as I get a little more time and also get some of my Confrontation models and AE-WWII figures painted

Update Well I am having second thoughts. There are 18 painted Terminators and two vehicles. Perhaps redoing the shoulder pads to give them a Dark Angel icon may be simpler. I just need to find some Goblin Green.