First AE-WWII test game

Brian came over tonight and we had a game of AE-WWII. I prebuilt the two detachments (one German and one American) for the game so we could get right into the action

German Experimental Detachment
SD Agent (with Assassin hero upgrade)
2 x Wehrmacht Infantry
Storm Ape
2 x Emaciated Trooper

American Infantry Detachment
Mechanic (with technician hero upgrade)
2 x US Airborne
Tesla Robots
Buffalo Armour
2 x US Infantry

We played the Push the Line scenario and I took the America detachment. We picked secondary objectives and mine was the Delaying Action objective which meant that I needed to have a unit on the board at the end of the game. Which was nice as that was almost the same as the primary objective for the scenario.

The real core of this game is the Drive stat for each unit and the morale system. As units take damage or are eliminated the Drive of each unit decreases until it hits zero and the unit bugs out.

This is how Brian won our game. My army fled from the field due to losses and the effect of the Inspire Terror ability of the SD Agent. I had four active units on the table at the end of the game but they were all at a Drive of zero and so fled the field.

The Storm Ape was a beast. It ripped apart a unit of Robots and then made its way to try to rip the Buffalo Suit apart. The Buffalo Suit was quite deadly as well but it needs troops to shield it as it is a useless unit in close combat. It shot down a unit of Emaciated Troopers and spent some time suppressing Wehrmacht troops but it can easily be caught up in CC.

It was a fun game and there is a lot of options to explore in the game. I could take two special orders with the Infantry Detachment and I picked Coordinated Attack and Scouts. I also had quite a few options for units that I could have put into the detachment as well as how to upgrade Individual troops or units.

Given that the game has no point system it is really quite fascinating to see how many options they were able to pack into the system.

We didn’t get an opportunity to try out mortars, grenades or any of the other support weapons. I think a Panzerfaust would have done a number on the Buffalo Suit quite quickly.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get in another game soon. It will also be interesting to see how the Russians play in the game with their mental abilities.

Update: Some more specifics from the game.

There is a lot of shooting but most troops are only average (5+ on a d6 to hit)

The rules are relatively uncomplicated and let you concentrate on playing the game and on your strategy

Troop quality is an important factor as the better your troops are the more they can do. Green troops can only do one thing a turn (1 AP to spend) but veterans, with 3AP, can be a lot more deadly and more effective.

CC is simple but it needs to be a bit more deadly. Unless I am missing something there is nothing to allow a CC beast like the Storm Ape to rip his opponents apart which would be appropriate.

Getting a game organized is a bit more work than most other games but this is due to the added options you have when building an army. So its not a bad thing but it will slow you down the first few times you play. This isn’t helped by the fact that a lot of the data you need in the rulebook isn’t concentrated in one area so you tend to flip back and forth a bit. I currently don’t have a printed version of the rulebook so I’m not in a position to comment on the actual impact of this.

Suppression is a great feature and it helps make your Green troops a lot more useful as they can pump out some shots to try to keep your enemy pinned.



  1. It was an absolutely fantastic game, I *really* enjoyed the rules. They were reasonably simple on most counts, but there felt like there were LOTS of tactical possibilities. Suppression fire in particular seems like a great idea, and a great way to make tactical things happen on the table.

    It does seem like the morale system is quite intense, and I could see many games ending that way (which, to be fair, is perhaps a little bit more how games should play out, rather than this “fight to the death” mentality).

    And I agree, I thought the army selection looked like a brilliant piece of work, as did the scenarios with all their objectives etc.

    I’m really looking forward to playing again, although I will steadfastly refuse to buy any new minis! :-)

  2. The morale system does appear to be a big deal in the game and is the core to succeeding I think.

    You really can’t make vain sacrifices of your troops in this game (like I did with my Airborne troops) as it will just come back to haunt you as it drops the Drive of all your units.

    Any unit with the Commander ability is going to be a huge addition to the game.

  3. I don’t know, I think your Paras did a good job of distracting my troops quite a bit, and they almost potted the Assassin right off the bat. I thought they were well played.

    But I agree, having a Commander, particularly in a more numerous force like the Americans had, would be very useful.

  4. I should have put troops in there that had some multiple ROF weapons to try to take him out.

    BTW the routing troops do count as being on the table so I would have managed to get my secondary objective. You still would have won the game though :-)

  5. Malkcntent is the nom de messageboard of Matt Hope the talented developer of AE-WWII.

    It will take some time to get used to the impact of the morale rules as they tend to not be so globally applied in most games.

    And, as I mentioned, you really can’t make idle sacrifices of troops in AE-WWII. Tossing a unit in the way of an enemy Storm Ape is really something that you need to make sure is critical.

    Quite the fun game you’ve put together Matt

  6. Thanks Zac!

    I would say that the two biggest things to consider in the game are cover and morale. Taking either for granted will really put your troops at great risk. We’ve played games without a ‘command’ unit, they can work, but they’re very tricky. Special Orders such as ‘Stand Your Ground’ help keep the men in line as well.

    I’m glad you enjoy the game! I look forward to hearing more about your games.

  7. Hopefully we’ll get another game in this week and I’ll let Brian have a peek at the rules so he can build his own force.

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