AE-WWII test game #2

Brian came over today and we had another game of AE-WWII. As promised I let Brian pick his own force and he, rather unsurprisingly, took a German Experimental detachment with the Storm Ape :-)

We played the Lost Patrol scenario and Brian was the attacker. In this scenario he placed this whole force and I, as defender, placed a single unit in the centre of the table. I had picked an American Infantry Detachment and took the Mechanic to allow me to add a unit of Rocket Troopers… who were, of course, the unit I placed on the table first.

The primary objective of the game was for Brian to defeat a nit in close combat (making it surrender) and then shepard it off a table edge. The surrendered unit had to stay within 6″ of one of his units or it would “return to the fold” as it were.

Game shot#1 Game shot #2
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Brian had:
SD Agent (with Assassin upgrade)
Storm Ape
Emaciated Trooopers x 2
Wehrmacht Infantry
Wehrmacht Commander
Volkstrum Infantry
Surrender special order

I had:
Mechanic (Natural Leader)
GI Commander
GI Infantry x 2
GI Mortar team
US Airborne
Rocket Troopers
Artillery and Surrender special orders

I also had the Field Test objective and Brian had the Delaying Action objective.

Given the aim of the scenario I figured it would be best if I simply stayed back and shot at Brian’s troops as he advanced towards me to try to capture units. The Rocket Troopers were able to rush away from their precarious position on the middle of the table and then on turn two I started moving my forces across the table. I parked the mortar crew behind a building and then sent one GI unit to each flank and made sure that there was an individual with Command on each flank. The Rocket troops were pulled back to a building in the right flank and the Airborne were moved off to the left to provide fire support.

Brian sprinted his Storm Ape and a unit of Emaciated Soldiers down the left flank, the Wehrmacht troops and his Commander down the centre and the SD Agent, more Emaciated troopers and the Volkstrum down the right flank.

I used my Artillery Special Order on turn three and it was absolutely useless. Better luck with the mortars but the artillert did come within an inch of doing some serious damage to the SD Agent.

In what turned out to be his most successful move the Storm Ape and the Emaciated Troopers piled into my GIs and Airborne. Brian was able to get two of them to surrender but thanks to a Focused Attack by my Gi Sargeant and a tricky use of the Surrender Special Order I was able to remove one unit of Emaciated Troopers which freed one of the two captured GIs.

I made a mad rush with the GI Mortar crew to charge the Storm Ape and take it out and was only able to reduce it to a signle wound. Since the Storm Ape was still in place and Brian was able to move off the second captured troop and take the Primary Objective.

On the other flank Brian and I traded shots across the road kept safe by lines of sandbags. In the end my Rocket Troopers with their Tesla Pistols were able to take out a unit of Emaciated Troopers and then jump into the middle of the road is a mad attempt to take out the SD Agent using the Tesla Pistol’s ability to ignore cover. It worked and I was able to move them back into cover (minus one unfortunate casualty) to keep them safe to win my secondary objective.

Both Brian and I were able to achieve our secondary objectives and so Brian pulled out the win with a 2:1 objective count.

Once again a fun game was had by all.

Some thoughts:
1) We had a lot more terrain and so there was a lot more cover which I think helped to save my troops as I stuck to cover as much as possible. Which also made the Rocket Troops even more nasty.

2) Brian spent a lot of the last two turns fretting about the Drive of his units and using his Commander to try to boost morale. Quite realistic I thought and a good example of how useful Command is at the end of the game. Again, morale is a deciding factor in the game and you need to keep your troops in good order.

3) Troop quality is important. My GI Mortar crew was green and it could only fire the mortar once a turn. A Regular crew could have fired the mortar three times every two turns. A Regular crew would also be quite devastating with an MG.

4) With only a few troop types there are actually quick a few options when building an army.

5) I need some 1:48th scale vehicles! We don’t have the same sort of access to them in Canada that they appear to do in the US and it is driving me nuts as I really want to try out the vehicle rules.



  1. The giant monkey is an instant winner for me, in every game. :-)

    That was a very fun game again, I’m increasingly impressed with this ruleset. The scenario design just works for me.

    I agree, the increased amount of cover was probably part of the difference in how much of my stuff got shredded compared to yours (since I was the attacker). Your right flank just destroyed my units over there (damn SD agent!!!)

    The drive worked out for us much better this time round, having commanders and everything really helped out.

    I still think it was silly that my giant monkey was able to hold a prisoner, I think that one might be needed to be “house-ruled” away. I just can’t see how a crazy ape can direct a prisoner in any coherent manner (especially not when he had gone nuts!)

    Very fun game again.

  2. Great stuff Zac and Brian!

    A few things I think you might have missed. First, the unit placed in the center of the table by the defender must be of the Infantry, Support or Specialist type. When we first playtested the game I was hoping to use Banshees to suppress the people coming in to capture me. That’s why we changed it. :)

    Second, the ape cannot capture objectives at all as it possesses the Unintelligent trait. We already planned for that as well as we had test games with apes, dogs and robots capturing objectives. :)

    Overall it sounds like it was a great game! Those apes are a serious pain to take out, but it sounds like you’re getting the hang of it.


  3. Those apes are a serious pain to take out, but it sounds like you’re getting the hang of it.

    Well charging it with five people helps :-)

  4. The ape, as well as any ‘Unintelligent’ model cannot claim objectives. Perhaps the wording is a bit strange for the trait, but the intention is that Unintelligent models cannot claim any objectives, including capturing enemy models. This holds true for the ‘Capture’ Secondary Objective.


  5. Probably need to add that to the FAQ :-) Brian will be happy though as it made no sense to him :-)

    Thanks for clearing it up

  6. Agreed, that makes more sense to me. I just couldn’t see King Kong taking the time to order a prisoner around. :-)

    I’m also glad to hear that we shouldn’t have had the Rocketeers in the middle, as that sure was disheartening for me in the first turn. If Zac had wanted to, he could have just hid everything on the far side of the table and made the Attacker’s job impossible otherwise! (Fortunately, he’s too much a good sport to do that).

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