Pegasus Hobbies pe-painted terrain

I was lucky to get in my delivery of Pegasus Hobbies pre-painted terrain packs today (thanks Brett!) and we were able to use them in our AE-WWII game. I picked up the sandbags (straight and round), square walls, rubble piles, barrels, crates and wooden fences. Darkson Designs, the folks that make AE-WWII, also sell the terrain as do The and other stores.

I picked up two packages of the straight sandbags and one of the corners and I now have far more sandbags than I can possibly use. The sandbags are probably the best of the lot in terms of painting but all of the terrain is very usable and looks good on the table. The rubble piles are based on gothic architecture and so they look quite good next to my old Armorcast gothic temple rubble piece.

Highly recommended terrain pieces.


3 thoughts on “Pegasus Hobbies pe-painted terrain

  1. briguy says:

    I was awfully impressed with these, especially as the price seemed pretty reasonable too. They made the table look pretty darn good. :-)

  2. Malkcntent says:

    Being close friends with the Pegasus guys I can say with complete unbias :-) that their terrain is some great stuff. Cheap, well designed and pre-painted, it’s quite superb. I’ve got a bunch of it myself and it’s perfect for most any wargame.


  3. Zac says:

    I just wish their bridge set came painted as well :-)

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