Sci-fi Commander test game

Pawel came over last night and we put a few troops out on the table to test out the upcoming Sci-fi Commander rules. Pawel had his Orks and I pulled out some Imperial Guard miniatures.

The game has a higher individual point cost than Epic so we played a 2000pt game and it was comparable to a 1000pt Epic:Armageddon game. One thing that we both noticed right away was that we were both stuck in an “Epic” mindset and so it took us most of the game to stop moving and firing like we were playing Epic.

The game doesn’t use set formations so you basically move troops as you see fit using the HQs and COs that you purchased for the army. Similar to Warmaster except that there are no set formations of troops and each unit is a single stand instead of three as in Warmaster.

As befits a sci-fi game there is a lot of firing and the game also adds the ability to do Opportunity Fire as your opponents move. A unit can only do this once a turn but it does a lot to interrupt movement (the bane of the Waraster system) and also make it difficult for you to approach and assault an enemy unit intact. I suspect that artillery is required to really be able to pull of some large assaults.

Assaults though may be an Epic thing and not really translate well to Sci-fi Commander so we may have to drop thinking about that as a primary tactic. They did seem a bit more conclusive than fire though which didn’t seem to do a lot. It does suppress enemy units quite well but no-one seemed to get knocked out very quickly. Perhaps we may use the optional rule to track damage through the game instead of removing damage at the end of each turn.

We really only tested the basics of the game and we’re going to play another game soon and perhaps incorporate some artillery to see how that effects the game.