Does the Black Legion list need to be redone?

I’ve been doing some reading online as a precursor to starting a review of the Black Legion army list for Epic:Armageddon and I am wondering if the list just needs to be scrapped and redone from scratch?

The list originally had a clear design goal but that got lost somewhere down the line and the list was developed without a clear goal.

The list had a very rushed final development stage based on the need to get it done to get it printed and ready for the release of the CSM miniatures but that never happened and we never went back and revisited the process since the end of the development burnt a lot of people out

Daemon summoning in the list is a complicated PITA that I don’t think is any fun.

The list seems overly complex in general and not as fun as it used to be when it was a little simpler and more focused.



  1. In regards to demons I simply don’t use them. Despite my expereince with silly games like Challenger 2000 I find them overly complex for a game of Epic (yes, GW is right to dumb down!) and besides always prefer the sure thing of models on the table compared to models that may be coming (or not if you are a greater demon). Saying that I’ve played against them in tournies with demons popping out everywhere (and the players liking them) and seemingly never running out so i should at some point make an effort to read the rules clearly!

  2. I dislike the current rules and wasn’t really happy with them but we were, then, under a very tight deadline and pushed through some changes that perhaps we should have worked on a bit longer and tested more.

    The Deamon Pool isn’t a bad idea I just don’t like the way the system is structured to access it

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