AE-WWII Bunker Assault

Brian was over tonight and we tried out the Bunker Assault scenario for AE-WWII. As is becoming usual for us Brian played the Germans and I played the Americans. Brian took an Experimental Detachment with:

Storm Ape
SD Officer with Archaeologist hero upgrade
Wehrmacht Officer
Wehrmacht squad
Volkstrum squad

I played an American Infantry detachment with
Buffalo suit
GI Squad (upgraded to regular)
GI Support squad
Airborne Officer (with Rocket Hero upgrade)
2 x Airborne squads

I used the Parachute Assault Special Order to drop the Airborne squads in behind Brian’s troops in an attempt to draw off his troops to stop them from rushing my troops. It appears to have worked but Brian managed to make two squads and the Mechanic surrender (Frightening troops are no fun in Close Combat) and then ripped apart an Airborne squad with his Storm Ape.

My troops actually did really poorly. My Airborne Commander couldn’t hit anything with his Tesla Pistol and was shot by some Wehrmacht troops and then cooked by a Feuersoldat. Brian used his SD Officer to reduce the Drive of the Buffalo Suit so low that once I started losing troops it broke. Not before using the Tesla Gun to hit the SD Officer with a strength 11 hit and cook him. Sadly Brian forgot to make his Impervious roll.

I made a poor choice with the GI Support Squad in not making the the Regular troops and as a result they were really not able to make the most of the Bazooka they had. Making them Regular would have meant two shots a turn with it instead of one. Mind you with a 5+ RC they had no luck hitting anything and by the time the Emaciated Soldiers got to them their Drive was reduced to 1 and the first CC casualty caused them to surrender.

You can see some photos from the game here.

Next time the support troops with get an upgrade and I will try to not put my officer in the line of fire so quickly and perhaps use the rocket pack to allow him to move around more to take pot shots at enemy leaders.

A fun game. It ended in a draw since Brian wasn’t able to rout all of my troops and we both got our secondary objective.



  1. Great report! Brian’s list is a tough one to beat. Rob’s used the ‘Inspire Terror’ ability to good effect against me a few times as well. It’ll devolve into ‘Command’ vs ‘Inspire Terror’ between his SD Agent and my Officer. Nice shot with the Buffalo!

  2. The Buffalo is the next to get painted. That and the Storm Ape, They see a lot of game play and they should be quick paint jobs.

    Brian’s list is very tough but we’ll see how he does tomorrow against the secret list of doom :-)

  3. It was actually my officer who had the Impervious (Archaeologist) upgrade, so we didn’t miss anything there.

    You also had some appallingly bad dice rolls, so keep that in mind when judging the game. :-)

    I am surprised I stumbled on a “tough list to beat” since I was mostly focused on taking whatever you had there. I think tonight I may have to try a non-experimental list, for a little variety.

    And since you’re already calling it the secret list of doom, I’m calling tonight’s list of yours bad manners and you a cheating git. ;-)

  4. It is a goofy list and you’ll laugh yourself silly when you see it. It is also very fragile so you may walk over me in a few turns.

    I have piles of Wehrmacht troops as well so feel free to try an Infantry list, I was using the Artizan figs as Volkstrum and the Darkson Figs as Wehrmacht… actually as SD Regulars but they have the same stats.

  5. Rob’s played lists with the Experimental Detachment quite a bit and any list where the bulk of your models are 2+ wounds is SICK. Very difficult to beat. But by focusing on objectives and some well-placed Buffalo love (or a really nice Artillery Strike) you can wear them down.

    Calling you a cheating git…sounds like Brian’s got your number. :-)

  6. >>Calling you a cheating git…sounds like Brian’s got your number. :-)

    Nah, I just have an amazing ability to be rude, whether or not it has any bearing in fact. ;-)

  7. Calling you a cheating git…sounds like Brian’s got your number. :-)

    He is just jealous because I am prettier than he is :-)

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