Pig Iron Productions APCs

It has been a busy day. I got an order in from Simon at Pig Iron Productions containing two of their resin/metal APCs as well as a slew of infantry and militia figures. Since Michelle’s mother is here helping us take care of the girls for a few days I decided to take advantage of the situation and build and assemble as much of the parcel as I could.

Part of the order was one Ironshield APC and one Ironstorm vehicle. The Ironstorm is a turreted version of the Ironshield with options to add an autocannon or a heavy laser.

You can see some pictures of the assembled models in this gallery. Next to the Ironshield are three of the Darkson Designs Emaciated Troopers and next the the Ironstorm is a GW Space Marine.

Both of the vehicles were very easy to assemble. The body of the vehicle is a solid resin piece that contains all of surface detail, tracks and thinks like smoke launchers and other accessories. The basic resin vehicle for each kit is the same and has a flat area in the rear top of the vehicle where there is a hole to allow the turret for the Ironstorm to sit.

Both vehicles come with a series of metal add-ons. The Ironshield comes with a forward turret (with three weapon options), rear top turret cover, stowage and a rear panel with exit door details. The Ironstorm comes with the resin turret, two turret mounted weapons, stowage, a rear panel with a smaller exit door, and a cover for the section on the Ironshield that houses the front turret.

There was no flash on either vehicle, no bubbles and no areas where the mould didn’t fill properly. Each cast was utterly perfect and the lines and detail on the vehicles were crisp. The rear of the resin body where the metal back panel is meant to be glued was already sanded and was flat.

There are no instructions in the kits and so I had to visit the Pig Iron website and actually look through some of the gallery photos to figure out where everything went. Some of the metal parts had some irregularities along the edges that needed to be filed but I had all the parts of both vehicles ready to assemble in less than 20 minutes and had both kits assembled in less that 45 minutes.

While I don’t have a lot of experience with resin kits this is easily the best kit I have assembled so far and I’m quite excited to start painting it and get it ready for gaming. Both of the vehicles are really quite large and give you the feel of an actual military vehicle. You can imagine a full squad of troops coming out of one… unlike something like a Rhino which doesn’t seem big enough for even the crew.

Great kit, great details. Highly recommended if you are in the market for a 28mm sci-fi APC.



  1. if i may add one thing, they’re remarkably resilient too – I had a small mishap during priming and dropped the ironstorm onto a concrete floor, and other than the metal rear detail bit popping off, there was no damage to the resin at all. I was very impressed by this. a much better quality of resin than the stuff Forgeworld uses.

  2. The resin is much denser than the FW resin. It weights probably twice as much. Nice to know that it can survive a fall :-)

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