Rocket Trooper attack

Brian was over again tonight and I finally had a chance to try out my Rocket Trooper army.

I played an American Experimental detachment with

4 x Rocket Trooper (I used my Elite choice to buy another Regular unit)
Airborne Officer with Rocket Trooper hero upgrade
2 x Robot unit

Brian played a German Infantry formation with
Wehrmacht Officer (with Archaeologist hero upgrade)
2 x Wehrmacht unit
Wehrmacht Support with Panzerschreck (upgraded to Veteran)
Volkstrum (upgraded to Regular)

You can see some photos from the game in this gallery.

We played the Scattered scenario and I lost the roll and was declared the defender. Brian scattered my troops quite well and then I picked the north table edge with the least amount of cover for his deployment area.

I am not sure but I don’t think that Brian moved from outside his deployment area. I moved in quickly and given that I could move 12-18″ a turn with most of my army I was quickly able to pin him in to the edge of the table.

Brian spent some time trying to pick off some of my Robots with his Panzerschreck team and also was able to slowly pick off my Rocket Troopers. Even in cover they aren’t very tough and its quite easy to take them out.

I made a poor decision at one point to try to take out his Wehrmacht Officer instead of concentrating on his troops. The Archaeologist hero upgrade gives him Impervious (4+) and it saved his life for some time. I think I would have been better off trying to take out some of his troops. I also think that I should have let Brian try to move out of this deployment area and try to string him out along the table. My army wasn’t really strong enough to deliver a solid punch.

After shooting the heck out of his Wehrmacht leader I charged in at him with my Airborne Officer and he was able to wound him but in subsequent rounds wasn’t able to deliver a decent enough attack to take him out. I think risking a Focused Attack would have done some good.

It was a fun army to try out but it definitely showed that the force wasn’t really able to deliver a solid hit. The Robots are nasty as tools to suppress your opponent and I think that we’ll start taking AT weapons regularly to make sure that we’re able to knock out any Robot units that show up as their ability to deliver 9 shots from the Thompson means they are often able to suppress two units a turn.



  1. When those robots got near, I gained a lot of new respect for them. That one unit pinned down three of mine in one round!

    I also had a Volkssturm leader as well, for completness sake.

    I loved the part where I just kept shooting into our combat, and killed everything in there, including my own leader.

    I wasn’t too impressed with the performance of my sniper, it was pretty mediocre at best.

    The Panzerschrek team spent the whole game trying to take out robots, and only managed to trash two of them at the very end. Although having them as veteran meant at least I was missing with LOTS of shots. ;-)

    I thought your Rocket list worked extremely well actually. I thought you were actually too ambitious in getting in close, instead of just making hit and run attacks the entire time with the Rocket troops until your Robots got into suppression range. At that point, it would have been lights out for me.

    Still, any game where we each have less than 5 models left means it was a good one. :-)

  2. Part of the problem with that was how spread out my troops were. And I just got aggressive. Maybe I just need to plahy that list more :-)

    I think that the sniper would have been better used to take out my Rocket Troopers instead of my Robots and Airborne Officer. They are softer target

  3. Bad luck Zac! The ‘Scattered’ scenario is one of the hardest to pull off as the defender. I’ve had fantastic lists ready to kick Rob’s butt and then end up hosed as the defender of that scenario. Still, if you were able to pull out a tie then that’s not too bad given the circumstances.

    Snipers are pretty good at picking off basic troops. With ‘Crack Shot’ and a high Strength weapon (I assume he was using the WA) he should have been taking out Rocket Troopers every other turn. Sometimes though you just don’t get the rolls. Rob’s favorite is the Assassin hero on a Sniper. Mine is Marksman on a Veteran Sniper. Those two hero types definitely increase their effectiveness.

    Good report guys! Brian, how did you like a purely ‘historical’ detachment after playing with the experimental units? Did you feel naked without the Sturmaffe? :-)

  4. Just glancing through the book right now, I also think things might have gone much better for you if we had played with the Rocket troopers having two wounds, as they are supposed to!!!!

    The thing about the sniper was, he was the only model on my left flank that could have touched your robots. The Panzerschrek wasn’t doing a damn thing for me, and my normal troops would have been squashed by your robots.

    Keeping in mind two wounds for your rocket troops, I wonder if perhaps your aggressive tactics weren’t the problem, and our literacy instead was. :-)

  5. I don’t know about Brian but I felt that the table was a little empty without “Crushy” the Storm Ape.

  6. I have to say, the infantry detachment seemed to work rather well. Although I am primarily a fantasy/sci-fi player, so having Crushy and his freaky friends feels a little more “normal” to me. I might have to buy a Mad Doc next time even if I do want to play an infantry style detachment.

    Yes, maybe I was using my sniper in the wrong manner. Maybe I’ll have to give it another shot sometime (yes, I was using the WA long gun).

    We’ll have to try it out again sometime soon Zac. I’m really loving this game. :-)

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