Leaving Hordesmachine

So in the last few days I have traded off my Khador force and my two painted Warmachine starters and will hopefully be moving my Circle army as well. Its been quite some time since I played my Khador army and it has also been some time, not as long though, since I brought my Circle army out for a game.

I really like the system and the background (I especially like Hordes) but the continuing pace of expansions for each game has made keeping up with it seem more like a chore than a hobby. I don’t play Warmachine as much or as often as the other local players and so I spent a lot of time in my games reading cards, double checking abilities or just getting my ass handed to me because I didn’t know that a particular unit could ignore terrain or something similar.

My Warmachine gaming ended at least a year ago. The game simply wasn’t fun any more. I thought that I would just concentrate on Hordes instead but the Hordes:Evolution really changed my mind. I think that the units in it are a lot of fun but I didn’t really see any end to it and Hordes will eventually devolve into the same situation that Warmachine is currently in.

No fun.

Which is a shame in some respects because it really is a rich game but when I find myself with time to game lately I invariably look towards AE-WWII, Epic or other games and almost never to Hordes.

I am currently working on a few projects that require me to pick up some figures and vehicles and so it just made sense to trade those Warmachine and Hordes figures. I now have a pile of Eldar and Tyranid figures for the AE:Otherworld variant I am working on, more Epic Eldar and hopefully some Daemonhunter figs for AE:Otherworld.