Outworlds game tonight

We are going to have the first test game of the faction lists that I am writing for the AE:Outworlds project that I am working on. The game this evening will use the Tyranids and the Pig Iron Productions Human infantry that I have. The intent of the prpoject is to create faction lists for sci-fi figures that can then be used with the AE:WWII rules produced by Darkson Designs.

You can check out the current set of faction lists from the site’s Files page.

The forces that will be used tonight are:

Tyranid Infantry Detachment

Hive Tyrant (1) E Hero upgrade to give it the Bio-plasma attack
Tyranid Warrior (1) V Use one upgrade to give it Enhanced Senses which gives it -1 RC
Genestealers (2) R
Gargoyles (2) R
Hormagaunts (4) G
Ripper Swarm (4) G
Termagaunts (4) G
Biovore (1) R

19 models

Pig Iron Infantry Detachment

Commander (1) E (takes Natural Leader)
Droid Control Officer (1) R
Heavy Infantry (2) R
Heavy Infantry Chain Gun Team (2) R
Militia Sergeant (1) R
Fire Support War Droid (1) G
Militia Unit (3) G
Militia Heavy Weapon Team (3) G

14 models