Test post

I’ve just upgraded the site to use WordPress 2.5. This is mostly a test to see how well it will work to see if it is safe to upgrade TGN to use the new WordPress codebase. 

There are several new features, not the least of which is a redesigned admin section, and for the most part it appears that the benefits of the new version are for me, the site maintainer, and that there should be no changes for readers.

I’m going to experiment with the image upload functions later on to see how well they work



  1. Gotta love the new version. They upgrade those that are on wordpress.com as well. Only downside is embedding video from sites other than youtube. I can’t get around it.

  2. The new image upload and the updated admin really sold me. I upload a lot of images so the new features make it a lot easier for me to post news to TGN

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