Sci-fi Commander

For the last few weeks Pawel and I have been playing the odd test game using the Sci-fi Commander rules. These are a variant of the Blitzkrieg/Cold War Commander rules that Pete from The Wargames Directory is working on.

The rules are interesting in that they are at once more complex and yet less complex than Epic:Armageddon. The units have fewer stats are are far more generic than they are in Epic but at the same time the ruleset has more options available to gamers making it more tactically interesting that Epic.

Unlike Epic unit are bought individually and there are no limits except on Recce units, artillery and heavy tanks. So if you want you can build an Eldar army with nothing but Aspect Warriors. As well the game comes with a system to allow you to create point costs for units so you can use it with any miniatures you have available.

One of the better aspects of the game is that artillery has on-board and off-board options, smoke and concentrated and barrage firing options.

The game also has rules for Recce units, snipers and very good orbital bombardment and airdrop rules

About the only thing that it doesn’t have is the Epic:Armageddon GT scenario which is pretty easy to port over :-)



  1. I can’t possibly imagine units with fewer stats than Epic (unless you’re counting abilities), but this does sound intrigueing.

    I play quite a lot of Toofatlardies historical wargames, and while their titles are strange/british the games are rather good (although some of them are a bit lacking – especially Bag the Hun). Strictly non-competative though. No points values and so on. Through these games I’ve gone from disliking to loving the idea of offboard artillery.

    It really gives an idea of an immense conflict with artillery shooting miles and so on. One just has to get past the point of whining about never seeing the artillerypieces on the boards.

    It’s fun to see how a more “realistic” to sci-fi gaming is creeping in.

  2. It has fewer stats in that there are no individual weapon entries. I think that the unit itself has about the same number as in Epic it is just that, for example, the Guard infantry don’t have Autocannon entries and Las-gun entries and instead have an attack value.

    Attack values can have modifiers to them that make the useless against infantry, tanks or even mark them as being howitzers or similar guns

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