Painted Pig Iron APCs

I finally managed to finish painting the two Pig Iron Productions APCs that I purchased recently. You can see some photos of them in the gallery.

The vehicles were a lot easier to paint than I thought. I have an aversion to painting large vehicles. In fact these are the second and third 28mm vehicles I have painted.

I basecoated them both with Vallejo Nato Green spray. I went back and touched up the base coat with some Vallejo Russian Green. Once this was dry I drybrushed the vehicles using three different shades of green. The tracks, guns and a few large metal parts were painted using P3 Pig Iron. This was then washed first with a chestnut ink wash and then with a P3 Armour Wash wash. Finally the tracks and metal parts were drybrushed with Chainmail and then Silver.

Once the metal sections were done I did the squadron markings. I painted the entire area with a dark grey and then a dark red and light grey for the red and white bars. Once the dark colours were dry I dappled the lighter colours onto the bars to make the paint look worn and irregular. Once it was dry I painted a thin line of Russian Green to break the bars up and make them look as distinct bars.

I did a chestnut wash in various areas on the vehicles to add some grit and once it was dry I painted over sections of the wash with Russian Green to cover the areas where the wash laid over higher areas. The Russian Green doesn’t match the NATO Green of the base coat but it makes the colour look nice and irregular. All the rivets were then painted with a dot of Chainmail.

The final step was to drybrush some dirt on the track areas the back doors and the front panels to simulate road wear.

All in all I am very happy with the vehicles themselves as well as how well the paint job came out.



  1. Those look really nice. I know your feelings about painting vehicles, I have probably painted fewer than you have! :-)

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