Waiting for Aeronef

My order for an Aeronef starter from Brigade Models is still in the post somewhere and I am getting “itchy” waiting for its arrival. Aeronef is a 1:1200 scale Victorian Science Fiction game produced by Wessex Games for which Brigade makes a series of miniatures. I have been eying the game for some time but finally broke down and picked up a starter a week ago as I am far too intrigued by the game to resist any longer. 

The game allows you to pit huge floating dreadnought scale ships in combat against one another. The background supposed the development of anti-gravity metals that allow of the powers of Europe to put naval fleets into the air. Brigade sells various starter packs that give you the basis of two fleets and the rules (all PDF based at the moment).

I managed to get a German v French starter from Brigade but it looks as if I will need to grab a British Fleet pack as the Land Ironclads starter that I want is British v German and I’ll need some British Aeronef’s to add to that game.



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