Stepping down as Epic Chaos developer

In line with my other recent comments I am going to be stepping down as Chaos developer and AC.

As noted elsewhere I am not going to be playing Epic rules anymore (a “voting with your wallet issue) and I am also not going to be working to extend the rules for an army list that GW has abandoned (in Epic scale) twice now.

I would like to heartily thank Jervis for the opportunity not only to test and influence the game via playtesting but also to help out on the development of two army lists.

It was a real learning experience and I think I gained some valuable experience.

Please don’t think that I have reservations of Epic as a game. I still love it and I think that it is probably the best game that GW has come out with. I also think that the GT scenario that Jervis developed is probably one of the best scenarios I have played.

This decision is ultimately about GW and its corporate policies.

My actions and purchases help to reinforce what I think are a series of inexcusable decisions and I can’t justify doing that any more.

So I am removing myself from the game and the process as a way to demonstrate my dissatisfaction but also to ultimately reward those companies that do actually treat gamers properly.

I wish the new Chaos AC the best of luck and I wish all my fellow Epic gamers the best of luck as well.

And, once again, thanks to Jervis for allowing me the opportunity to twiddle and tweak with his game and rules. Its a pity that GW has put someone like Jervis in this sort of position



  1. Hehe been there, done that. Oh well – not stepping down as champion, but voting with the wallet that is!

    I think Specialist Games died the minute they stopped doing fanatic magazine, zapped the old forum and they no longer allowed stores to carry the minis (web-only sale! – the strangest decision yet!).

    Based on the amount of feedback and general support given on the old (way back when) SG-forum, I simply can’t understand how you can not make profit from a game like Epic enough to allow it any designers working on it..

    Baccus Command Horizon game is more visible than Epic Armageddon!

    The whole Apocalypse move left me wondering, why the hell people didn’t just pic up Epic.

    I burned a lot for that game. Today I’ve distanced myself totally from it. I haven’t touched an epic mini with a brush since 2005 I think. I guess the conclusion is that a great amount of enthusiasm is easily transformed in to the same amount of apathy when a company like GW keeps breaking their promises.

  2. DRM are also doing more promotions of their range and rules as well.

    Apocalypse also made me wonder why GW itself didn’t promote Epic for this sort of thing.

  3. Quite right. I specifically mentioned Baccus as I think their game has yet to become as known as DRM or Exoduswars… but it is STILL more visible than Epic!

    Apocalypse IS epic… but in a totally rigid and inflexible way. My games of Apoc has been more of a meta-game concerning the logistics of running such a large game. No tactics or thinking.. only trying to handle each “shootingphase” in the least troublesome way etc.

    I hope someday a microarmour enthusiast – without kids and no spare time like me – will pickup the Epic game engine and create a hell of a WW2 game. I think the format lends itself well to historical gaming.

  4. I started to do a WWII game but GW legal and Rob at Warhammer Historicals never got back to me about it and I ended up dropping the project.

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