Aeronef starter arrived

Well it arrived yesterday but I’ve been stupidly busy with the kids so I haven’t had time to assemble it yet,

Aeronef is a game of VSF air combat with anti-grav destroyers, frigates and dreadnoughts fighting it out in 1890’s Europe. I picked up a German/French starter from Brigade Models. Tony and Steve were kind enough to give me the figs from  the German/British and French/British starters as I didn’t want the British minis.

Sadly the Land Ironclads starters are British and German which means that I need to get some British Aeronefs. :-) Take note if you are looking to get an Aeronef starter as the figure packs fit the background for the game written by the folks at Wessex.

The starter comes with the basic rules, 10 ships, stands, dice and flags for each country as well as a CD with helpful stat cards that you can print out for each ship. The CD has all of the stat cards for all of their current ships so you only need to get one copy of the CD.

The starter has two cruisers and six escorts (three of two different types) for each faction for a total of 16 vessels. So its quite a good number of figures for a starter set. For the most part the only assembly you need to do is glue on a turret or two and add the masts to the vessels. The masts were a bit fiddly as some vessels didn’t have holes for them and those that did had holes that were oddly too small.

I was able to trim, file and assemble all the minis in two short sessions and they are sitting downstairs waiting to get primed and painted. I am not sure how I am going to paint them but I think that I will drybrush large sections of them and then perhaps paint in any details as well as the planking on the vessels.