Land Ironclads starter arrived

Well the LI starter as well as a bunch of British Aeronef minis and some German and French Aeronef figures. The Land Ironclads starter was the War of 1890 set that includes British and German miniatures. I had recently picked up an Aeronef starter with French and German figs in it so when I ordered the LI starter I also picked up a British Aeronef fleet box and some additional German and French cruisers.

I have a problem :-)

The starter set has the LI rulebook from Wessex, dice, bases and the figures. The minis are actually very nice and have a good level of detail for the size. The bases don’t really look all that impressive and I may be ordering some wooden bases from Litko to replace them.

I also recently did a trade with a fellow online for some Irregular 2mm infantry including cavalry and artillery and it appears that there are enough figs in the trade for me to do German, British and French ground forces. The trade also included some additional scenic elements from Irregular as well.

So I should be set up well to do some very interesting Land Ironclad battles soon.