More terrain

I had the place to myself for a few days and so I took some time to paint some of the terrain I had about the place. I was able to work through the GW Arcane Ruins set, two of the GW modular hills (four pieces) and three Moria inspired pieces from Thomarillion.

Everything is done, painted, flocked and coated and ready to go. I’ll post some photos once Michelle gets back with the camera.

The Arcane Ruins were a bit disappointing. The front and backs of them are quite detailed but the sides are totally flat and once assembled have really nasty lines down them. I covered the lines with flock that looks like moss but GW really goes out of their way to cover up how ugly the sides of the pieces look.

The modular hills are pretty much the same as the single piece hill I did earlier. They are a bit difficult to assemble into a single hill but once you do it is really a monstrous hill. I’m looking forward to using the two sides to build a valley for a Land Ironclads game.