Well its been a little slow on the gaming front recently. My gaming table was covered with figs for three weeks while I prepared for the garage sale that was here last week. Sold a lot of figs (not nearly enough :-) and I am slowly getting the gaming area back into shape so I can, hopefully, play some AE-WWII next week.

Sadly Ryan came over and brought some figs for the sale as well which meant that I picked up some minis from him including a huge bag of Rogue Trader era Orks that I am going to use for a force in AE:Outworlds once I get back to playing that.

The biggest arrival lately was my order from Brigade Models that included the British Aeronef fleet pack and the Land Ironclads starter. I also did a trade with a fellow in the US for some 2mm ACW figures that will be rebased for use in Land Ironclads.