Adeptus Mechanicus list: design concepts

So some initial thoughts about the development of the Epic: Armageddon Adeptus Mechanicus list. Also please note that once I write this out for Epic:A I will be producing a list for use with Sci-fi Commander. It has no army structure though and a point cost system so it is easy to put a list together for it.

Here are some initial thoughts on the thematic elements that will inform the E:A AM list.

Flesh is Fallible
Adeptus Mechanicus leaders don’t believe in the human potential and put their trust in machines. As such infantry will take a secondary role in the army. It will either be used to hold positions or as assault troops that deploy from vehicles

Trust in the machine
The centre point of the army will be vehicles or machines. Leviathans, Ordinatii, Baneblades and the like. Like the OGBM list in some respects but not as the sole focus of the list.

Tech Lords versus Skitarii
Infantry in the army will be split into two distinct areas. The Skitarii and their support elements and the Tech Lords and their retinues of troops.

To Break with Ritual is to Break with Faith
There is no reason to assume that this slavery to ritual wouldn’t influence their military as well. I suspect that this will result in them having a low strategy rating and perhaps a special rule to try to build some of this into the army.

The Alien Mechanism is a Perversion of the True Path
There has to be some way to give the army the aim of taking out xenos or Chaos Titans as a way of removing these alien perversions from the sight of the Machine God.



  1. Re your structure, would that be best served by the 1 core 2 support / 1 core 1 one type support, 1 one other type support approach (naturally lending itself to 1/3 etc)?

    When i was stranded in Bangladesh I played about with a tech guard pdf. The mechanic I most liked and got to test a couple of times with my captive wargames factory owner friend was any war engine had the inspiring ability… when accompanied by regular troops. The structure was all WE for core, AV for support and infantry for upgrades. The Inspiring thing was a neat idea (i thought) but a bugger to try to get to work. Human infantry simply isn’t that hot in assault and mixed WE/Inf formations (or WE/AV) are very easy to selectively target and cripple.

    Oh and I themed it on Ryza and an easy way to be distinctive and have a signiture weapon type (plus I have every type of Russ under the sun with plasma cannon sponsons!).

  2. Re your structure, would that be best served by the 1 core 2 support / 1 core 1 one type support, 1 one other type support approach (naturally lending itself to 1/3 etc)?

    Maybe but I wanted to avoid it as it makes the army look like the Guard list and I think this tells a story about the army via the structure.

    When I read C&E’s list the first thing that struck me is that it just looked like the Guard with some new WEs and that seemed to lack character and the AM are rich with character.

    It may not work out but I’d like to try something different first before falling back to the tried and true.

  3. The first thing it strikes most people is being far away from something they would be willing to playtest sadly!

  4. We’ll see what the response is. As you say, the net result is the same so I don’t see what objections people will have

  5. I was to be clear referring to the current skitari list which is having problems getting playtesters.

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