Another update

Gaming here has been a rare beast indeed. My gamer garage sale took over my gaming table for a few weeks and now the gaming area is filled with the contents of the sun room as it is renovated and a laminate floor is added.

Hopefully I will be able t get everything back in order for a game of Epic and some games of AE-WWII. I have a few Epic terrain elements that I want to get painted and use soon and I have been itching to try out my Epic Chaos force or my new Marines.

Not a lot of painting has been going on and that isn’t going to change for the foreseeable future as my free time is quite limited and I want to try to leave most of it for gaming. So more primed figures in my future.

The exception may be some Imperial Guard figures which I am hoping to finish off and a few others that need rebasing.


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  1. I’m looking forward to trying to set up another game of AE-WWII.

    And one of these days I do want to get a run through of Epic; it sounds like a fun game.

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