Epic Adeptus Mechanicus force list

I have been playing with the idea of creating an Epic army list for the Adeptus Mechanicus. There are a few lists available but I am not really all that happy with any of them. The one available from the Specialist Games website attempts to cram too much stuff into a single list and the ones available on the TacComms site are, IMO, just rehashes of the Imperial Guard list with some new units in them.

I am also not happy with some of the design choices that were made and so in the spirit of “put up or shut up” I have decided to write my own. It also guarantees that the list will better suit my own style of play :-)

I think I want to steal a concept from the OGBM army and base the force around War Engines and Tech Lord entourages. The concept being that the army should demonstrate the triumph of the machine and the weakness of flesh. Troops should be either holding a position or coming out of a vehicle to assault the enemy.

I’ve started thinking about the core fundamentals for the list as well as how to organize it. I know that it is easy to use the Core/Support/Titans format that is popular in most lists but I want to see if there is something different that I can use to make the army feel different and make it true to the design concepts.

This will also give me a reason to finish painting my unpainted Imperial Guard figures. I have a huge painted Guard army and the idea of painting more troops in the same colours didn’t excite me but painting them as AM troops seems like a fun thing to do.

More notes and comments as I expand on the concept