More AM PDF thoughts

While taking a break down town a few days ago I started working on ways to divide the various options available to the Adeptus Mechanicus Planetary Defence Force into sections. The idea being not only to give the army some character and flavour but to help balance the list.

Tech Lords
War Engines such as the Leviathan, Capitol Imperialis, Hellbore and the Ordinatus
Infantry, Praetorians and some support upgrades such as fire support troops and assault tanks

All of the regular skitarii troops, and more advanced tanks and SHTs such as the Leman Russ Executioner, the Conqueror and the Stormblade and Stormsword. Typically deploy in Rhinos

Imperial Guard Militia
Basic infantry, some support options, artillery and Leman Russ and Baneblade tanks. Will have a lower initiative than the Skitarii or Tech Lord formations

The idea being that the lower you move down the hierarchy the worse the equipment gets and the lower quality the troops are. This will be made up for in numbers. The Skitarii will ahve smaller formation sizes than the Guard will.



  1. You thinking of init 3+ for the lowest ? Very hard to use in the game (from experience) unless its an overwatch/garrisson unit or gun battery. The worse aspect of Epic in my humble opinion is how hard it can be to balance for the army lists very divergent stuff. So all WE armies, armies with very high activations, stuff with very poor initiative etc.

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