What to do, what to do, what to do?

So I need to figure out what my next project will be.

I have some terrain to touch up and paint and that is going to get done regardless. I have several options

  1. Finish my Chaos army. I have some models to paint and a DP to finish converting. I also have some GDs that need some paint
  2. Finish my Guard force. Mostly infantry and a few vehicles
  3. Paint some Titans
  4. Finish my Squat army. A few infantry, a lot of bikes and some WEs

There is also a potential #5 in that I have to assemble some troops for the AM PDF force I want to build.

Update: I am leaning towards the Squats. Mostly in terms of novelty but also because it might be fun to try the army out and have it fully painted.

A test list I did for a 3000 point game is:

Warlord Brotherhood (with 3 x Thunderers)
Warlord Brotherhood (with 3 x Moles)
Bezerker Brotherhood (Warlord and Spartans)
Gun Battery
Biker Guild (with Guild Master and 2 Trikes)
Goliath Battery (with 2 x Thunderfire)
Iron Eagle Squadron
Overlord Airship

Most of this is painted. All I would need to do is paint up some bikers, rebase some figures and add a few touches to some of the vehicles.

I’d also need the Spartans but I am working on that.