Marine rebasing starts

All Epic work is currently on hold as I frantically rebase 40 Space Marines for a 40K 5th Edition Apocalypse event at Strategies here in Vancouver.

The Marines are all painted (to a degree) but the basing was really quite horrible (I purchased the army locally) and so I need to rebase them to not only get them to an acceptable standard but also to put them on the 30mm Dark Age/Warmachine bases that I prefer.

I have a pile of Marines out to get painted and so I am actually mixing two different Marine forces in order to get to 2000pts. So there will be some of the green March Templars that I purchased as well as the black/blue March Wardens that I painted (although Chad also did some work on the minis for me as well).

Hopefully I will be able to get them done for the 11th as it sounds like a fun event.



  1. I’m not sure about putting them on WM/Darkage bases anymore as 5th edition stance on bases are different.

    4th Edition
    “Games Workshop miniatures are usually supplied with a base and this should be viewed as the minimum size base they can be mounted on – you can mount them on something bigger if you wish, but not something smaller.”

    5th Edition
    “Some player like to mount their models on impressive scenic bases. As mounting your models on different sized bases might affect the way they interact with the rules, make sure before the game that your opponent does not mind this”

    If I were playing you, I for one would not mind at all. I know there are some gamers that are really sticklers about it though.

  2. Anyone with a bit of sense will realise that the bases are actually an impediment to me in terms of movement and makes it easier to mass in on my guys in CC so a sensible person would keep quiet.

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