5th edition Apocalypse battle

So last night was the 5th Edition Apocalypse battle at Strategies. Kevin, one of the local Grey Knights, brought out 10,000pts of Dark Angels and a few of us banded together to try to crush his army.

This was the first Apocalypse game I have played in and I think that the 8′ x 6′ table that we played on was perhaps a little small for a 10,000pt game but it did give me a good impression of just how crazily insane an Apocalypse game is. I think that a bigger table (longer perhaps) or just fewer points.

We managed to play using the 5th Edition rules, or at least those that we could remember, and I am fairly happy with the changes that we were able to play.

  • Deep Strike is less deadly and so you’re more prone to use it
  • Snipers are not quite so stupidly deadly now
  • Assaults are quicker to resolve
  • Wound allocation works well especially in situations where you put enough hits on a unit that things like Heavy Weapon troops and leaders start to get wounds allocated to them
  • The LOS rules were far more intuitive and the cover saves meant that shooting was easier to do but probably not as deadly as people think it will be
  • Assaulting vehicles is more deadly

As you can imagine we only got two turns off but there was a heck of a lot of fun action. Belial was ripped  into the warp by a Vortex grenade which then reversed course the next turn to “eat” the unit that had thrown it and also took down the building they were hiding in. The Dark Angels did a Flank March with an entire company of troops only to have use Ambush them and remove close to half of the troops.

Its probably not quite as fun as Epic (I think Epic would really benefit from the Strategic Assets from Apocalypse though) and would have been a bit more interesting if there had been a bit of space of the table to move but it was still a fun game.

I’m looking forward to trying out the new rules in a standard game where there can be a bit more manoeuvre and tactics.



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