Marines done, now on to Chaos

So the marines I wanted rebased and repainted are done and its on to the next task. Finishing my Epic Chaos army. Despite having an immense amount of it painted there are a few things missing that I need to get done. Specifically:

  • Chaos Champion stands for each faction
  • Icon Bearers
  • Flamers
  • Daemonettes
  • Mounted Daemonettes
  • Several Greater Daemons

Once I get that done then I will have the core of the army done and I will then be free to add a few extra units that I’ve always wanted to include:

  • Death Wheel
  • Chaos Titans (not the proxy models I have been using)
  • World Eater retinue
  • Death Guard retunue
  • Deamon Prince
  • Reworked Demolishers based on FW Shadowswords
  • Iron Warriors retinue


My previous Death Wheels both got smashed in my move and I haven’t replaced them and I want to add some more flavourful formations of Chaos Marines to my army. Those are not a high priority as I already have ten fully painted Chaos Marine retinues.