Painting continues

So I have managed to get quite a few stands of minis done. So far five stands of mounted Daemonettes and eight stands of Daemonettes are done. I assembled two more mounted and four more regular Damonette stands as I have a scenario/demo game that I want to run that will require a lot of daemons :-)

Still on the painting stand:
Eight stands of Death Guard
Three retinues of World Eaters
Eight stands of Plaguebearers
Two Icon Bearers
Three Chaos Champion stands

I’ve also placed an order for several blisters of Warmaster Screamers and Chaos Champion figures to use as Deamon Princes.

We’re going to be doing another painting challenge here locally adn I think that getting this vast pile of Chaos figures may be my challenge



  1. You’re really cooking along here, good for you!

    Just be careful not to bite off too much for your painting challenge, like I did. The feeling of accomplishment for the things I did finish was nowhere near as bad as the disappointment at the things I didn’t finish. :-)

  2. Well you do want to make it a challenge. I can finish off eight stands of troops in an hour unless they are very detailed so I don’t want to underestimate either :-)

  3. I’m giving serious thought to only taking my challenge month by month. This will allow me to adjust to things as my interest in a project may wane, or, more likely, as new stuff arrives in. For instance, if we can get in some of those Spartan Games ships, they would get added to my challenge very quickly I’d think. :-)

    Plus if I have a more pressing deadline, then I might actually be aware of how well I’m doing (or not) a little bit earlier. ;-)

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