Warp Rift Epic scenario

First draft of the Warp Rift scenario for Epic. Comments and suggested changes are appreciated.

They started slowly. Cultists and a Chaos Sorcerors working sereptiously in the night, all across the continent, creating small parts of a larger artifact, storing the pieces during the day away from prying eyes. Slowly it grew and bands of cowled men traveled at night, ferrying their contribution to the artifact to the assembly site. It took months of slow agonizing labour to build. And almost as long to transport the various parts from the various workshops, pits and underhive hovels they were built in.

Days before the final parts arrived sensors in the outer rim of the system reported a fleet of heretic craft plunging from the warp into realspace. Their path was direct and obvious. Swatting the local defence fleet aside as if it was a gnat the Chaos spacecraft made orbit and a foul flood of landing craft disgorged a motley army or renegades and their vehicles to surround and protect the construction site.

Imperial forces on the ground, and their other allies, reacted quickly and have moved into place to attack the artifact. Inquisitors from the Ordo Malleus were also in place, scrying the artifact and determining that the device had only one purpose; to rip a hole in reality and connect the planet to the Warp. Such a Warp Rift would allow free access to all manner of daemons and warpbeasts. This information spurred on the Imperial force even more. If the rift were to be activated and enough warp energy pulled through the portal would become permanent and the planet would be awash with daemons and the slaughter would be endless.

Game Length
The scenario has no set turn limit. The game continues until either the Chaos player has depleted his daemon pool and summoned them all or the Imperial player has destroyed the Warp Rift.

The Imperial player has 3000 points to spend on troops and allies. The Chaos player has 2000pts to spend on formations and a set Daemon pool that consists of 50 Lesser Daemons and 5 Greater Daemons.

Players should set up terrain as per section 6.1.2 in the Epic:Armageddon rulebook. No terrain should be set up within 40cm of the centre of the table. Once both players are satisfied with the terrain the Chaos player places the War Rift terrain piece at the table’s centre point. Players should then place Garrisons and Spacecraft as per 6.1.5.

There are no objectives used in this scenario.

The Chaos player then deploys all of their forces. At least one formation must be placed within 10cm of the Warp Rift. All other formations must be placed either within 40cm of the Warp Rift, within 15cm of the Chaos player’s table edge or in Reserve. The Chaos player is not allowed to purchase Drop Pods for any of their formations.

The Imperial player then places all of their formations, not in Reserve, within 15cm of their table edge.

Players roll as normal to determine which player goes first.

Ending the game
The game ends when either the Chaos player summons the last daemons from his Summoning Pool or when the Imperial player destroys the Warp Rift. The game ends as soon as either of these conditions is met.

Special Rules

Activating the Warp Rift
In order to activate the Warp Rift the Chaos player must have a stand that contains a Chaos Lord in base contact with the artifact. At the end of each turn roll a number of dice equal to the turn number. If any of the dice rolled are a 6 the Warp Rift activates and the Chaos player can use it to summon daemons.

The Warp Rift
The Warp Rift is, in game terms, a multi-DC War Engine that is immobile.

Type    Speed    Armour    Close Combat    Fire Fight
War Engine    0    4+    n/a        n/a

Damage Capacity 6, Reinforced Armour, Fearless

The Warp Rift is a vast artifact that is imbued with the power the Warp and so normal weapons have little effect on it. The War Rift will receive a Reinforced Armor saving throw against normal weapons, lance weapons, and even macro-weapons. In addition, its save is not reduced by sniper abilities. Any Titan Killer attacks are automatically reduced to Titan Killer (1) when resolving hits
against the Warp Rift, and the Warp Rift is permitted a single armor save.

Summoning Daemons
Once the Warp Rift is activated at the beginning of each turn, before rolling for initiative, the Chaos player rolls 2D6 and adds the current turn number. This is the number of Summoning Points that the player can use to summon daemons. The Chaos player chooses daemon units, up to the total number of Summoning Points, and places them in base contact with the Warp Rift. Daemons from different Chaos powers cannot be summoned at the same time. These daemons are their own independent formation with an initiative rating of 1+.

Players can ignore the restriction on having only one Greater Daemon from each Chaos faction.

Daemonic formations

Daemonic formations act in the exact same way as other formations with two exceptions.
1) Daemonic formations do not receive Blast Markers when a unit in the formation is destroyed
2) Daemonic formations that break are dissipated and return to the Warp. Remove the formation from the table immediately. These daemons are not returned to the Summoning Pool.

Rolling reinforcements
These are desperate time and the Imperium has no choice but to throw as many troops and vehicles at the Warp Rift to ensure that it does not fully engulf the planet in a sea of daemons. Any Imperial, or allied, units that are destroyed are put aside. At the beginning of the next turn the Imperial player can bring these units on as reinforcements.

If there are enough units destroyed to make a valid formation then this must be done. If not then the Imperial player can attempt to make a formation of 4 to eight units. These new “ad-hoc” formations do not have to follow the rules for the army that the player is using. So if the Imperial player has two Leman Russ tanks and three Hellhounds destroyed in the previous turn they can bring all of these units back on the table as a single formation.

Any character upgrades attached to units that are destroyed are lost.

Disturbances in the Warp
Due to the incredible fluctuations in the Warp, the Chaos player is not able to summon daemons from any source other than the Warp Rift. The Chaos player cannot purchase Daemonic Pacts for any of his formations. The Chaos player also has a set Daemon Pool from which to summon units via the Warp Rift and they are not allowed to modify that pool.