54 stands of models to base

I figured that I should take some time to base some figures before I swamped myself with too many minis to base. Currently there are 54 stands of Epic figs on a try drying before I add some Valejjo Flat Earth to them and finish them off with some drybrushing and touches of static grass.

After that I will be working on some Epic terrain as part of the 2nd 3 Month Painting Challenge that a few of us are doing locally. I have some more Epic minis that I want to paint but I have several terrain projects that have been sitting undone for some time and I figured this was as good a time to get them done.

Once the terrain is finished I want to paint:

  • 2 x Death Wheel
  • 2 x Decimator (new models)
  • 2 x Reaver and Banelord Titan
  • 2 x World Eater retinue
  • 2 x Iron Warrior retunue
  • Iron Warrior Rhinos and Land Raiders
  • World Eater and Plague Marine rhinos (the plastic Marine Rhinos with a few added spiky bitz)
  • More daemons :-)