Epic Eldar

Well GenCon was insane but not as insane as my gaming table at the moment.

I was wandering through Bartertown recently and noticed an ad for a painted Epic Eldar army that including two Revenants and seven of the new Eldar SHTs.  The price for the entire army was less than the Canadian retail for the Titans and the SHTs so I snapped it up.

The army is a little light on Aspect Warriors so I am basing up and plan to paint a eight stands of Banshees, Swooping Hawks, Dark Reapers and some additional Exarchs for things like the Fire Warriors and Dire Avengers.

I picked up two of the new Avatars and am using the Exarchs from there for my Aspect Warriors stands. Sadly there aren’t metal Exarchs for each Aspect. One of the Avatar bases is going to be repurposed for my Autarch.

Everything is based and I am going to be adding a coat of sand and then priming everything today or tomorrow. Once that is done I will be using the new GW washes on many of the models (especially the Swooping Hawks) to paint them all up quickly.

One problem though is that this means that I have to rebase all the infantry in the army to match the new bases I will paint but even with that added work in a few weeks I’ll have a huge painted Eldar force. Epic army #4 will soon be ready to game :-)