Zach was over yesterday and we tried out Monsterpocalypse. Bob from TGN sent along the review kit he had as he wasn’t interested in playing the game and oddly couldn’t even give it away to his local gaming group.

Its actually a fun game with a surprising amount of depth for something that has a small playing area and a limited number of pieces.

The collectible aspect is a bit of a problem but I have heard rumours that you should be able to get the entire set from a single case. This seems slightly suspicious but given the low number of minis in each faction might actually be possible.



  1. Zac: I saw that the scale is smaller than 1:300. Do the buildlings work for epic/battletech scale? I would appreciate a pic with some 6mm alongside if you get a chance. I am really torn on this game, between your review and Bob’s on TGN. Compatibility with 6mm may tip the balance for me. Any word on what a case will cost?

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